Shanley Schoenhofer, RD, CLE

Registered Dietitian

After recovering from an eating disorder in adolescence, Shanley Schoenhofer felt a calling to study and work in the field of nutrition. She earned a bachelor’s degree in nutrition sciences at Chico State University, then went right to work as a nutrition program coordinator at a non-profit organization in Northern California where she had the opportunity to support low-socioeconomic demographics through preventative nutrition. Throughout this experience, she encountered many clients who sought expertise in relation to diabetes, hypertension, and family history of heart disease, and was reminded that the practice of preventative nutrition does not necessarily take pre-existing health conditions into consideration. This realization sparked something in Shanley and inspired her to become a registered dietitian so that she could empower more individuals and families through nutrition counseling. 

While attending a distance didactic program through the University of Northern Colorado, she worked for the Women, Infant, and Children’s (WIC) Program in Humboldt County, California as a degreed nutritionist. Shanley also became a certified lactation educator (CLE) which allowed her to expand her services to include counseling women and families on nutrition and breastfeeding. While completing her dietetic internship in Sacramento, California, she had the opportunity to get involved with a residential program for eating disorder recovery and has continued to work in the eating disorder treatment community at various levels of care ever since.

Shanley is equally passionate about helping individuals and their families heal from eating disorders as she is about promoting perinatal and women’s health through gentle nutrition guidance. In addition to being a registered dietitian at Thrive Sacramento, Shanley devotes one day a week to a local OBGYN office where she is the perinatal nutrition specialist, registered dietitian, and CLE. Through these dual specialties, she finds fulfillment in helping others to optimize their physical and mental health through nourishing and honoring their bodies, breaking stigmas and cycles brought on by diet culture, and encouraging all to live life to the fullest.