It Takes a Village Day Program


Our “It Takes a Village” perinatal program is intended for caregivers of all identities and backgrounds struggling with perinatal mental health. The program offers care three to five days a week for three hours each day. Babies are encouraged to join.

"It Takes a Village" treats perinatal mood and anxiety disorders including:

Led by a collaborative team of perinatal health specialists, “It Takes a Village” integrates psychoeducation, mindfulness, and self-care to help new parents manage intrusive thoughts and overwhelming emotions. Throughout the program, you will heal any past traumas, strengthen your bond with your baby, and develop the confidence to embrace parenthood joyfully. 

It does take a village. That’s why we support your entire family in adjusting to the baby together. Additionally, the program helps parents create relationships with other parents experiencing similar challenges.

Our It Takes a Village day program includes:

  • Group therapy on topics including birth processing, attachment and bonding, yoga and mindful movement, nutrition and wellness, psychoeducation about PMADs, and coping skills to support anxiety management and emotional regulation
  • Optional weekly individual psychotherapy with a perinatal therapist, or close coordination between our team and your existing therapist
  • Weekly psychiatric consultation for medication management 
  • Closely coordinated care with all outpatient services
  • Direct referrals to important perinatal services such as lactation consultation, pelvic floor physical therapy, etc.

Optional perinatal services include:

  • Primary care
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Family and couples’ therapy


Your baby is growing every moment, which allows you the opportunity to experience personal growth as a new parent alongside your little one. We’ll help make sure you are holistically supported and nourished — mind, body, and spirit. As your child matures, they will be inspired by your balance, groundedness, and strength.

Heal and grow by gaining:

  • Coping skills to manage intrusive thoughts and urges, as well as overwhelming emotions and triggers
  • Healing from any past trauma from birth or otherwise
  • A stronger bond with your baby
  • A positive identity in your role as a parent
  • A community of parents, caregivers and mental health specialists to support your recovery

A Place to Grow

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