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Our Admissions Process

At Thrive Sacramento, we would be honored to help you or a loved one achieve lasting recovery from the complexities and dangers of an eating disorder. Throughout our admissions process, we work hand-in-hand with you to identify the course of care that is most appropriate while instilling confidence and comfort for all.

Step 1

Schedule an Assessment

Schedule an assessment with Thrive Sacramento. Contact us at (916) 431 – 0860 or sacramento@thrivehere.com.

Step 2

Meet with Clinician

During the assessment, the patient (and family, if appropriate) will meet with a clinician to discuss the eating disorder and any co-occurring conditions at hand.

Step 3

Create an Individual Treatment Plan

Following the assessment, an individualized treatment plan will be recommended. At this time, the cost of care and availability of coverage will be presented for consideration. Once a plan of action is agreed upon, care will be coordinated accordingly.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an assessment with Thrive Sacramento, please reach out to us.

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For more information about Thrive Wellness, please reach out. We’ll connect you with the care you need.

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