Treatment Philosophy & Approach

We believe treatment is most meaningful and successful when an individual’s family or trusted support system of loved ones lends a loving hand in healing. In drawing from the family-based treatment (FBT) modality, we actively engage family members in our programs so they may confidently encourage their loved one’s recovery. They say home is where the heart is. At Thrive Sacramento, we believe that home is also where healing happens.


Our Family Intensive Outpatient Program (FIOP) for adolescents and young adults (under the age of 18) strives to empower family members to help their loved ones heal from an eating disorder. Through individual therapy, family therapy, education, and more, patients and their families learn the skills they need to reach recovery together.

Because our clinicians provide intensive and comprehensive psychoeducation sessions to patients and their families, all participants gain a greater understanding of the eating disorder and co-existing conditions. Family members also realize their critical roles in supporting their loved one’s recovery

At the beginning of treatment, family members learn strategies to obstruct their loved one’s eating disorder. From there, Thrive specialists and supportive family members fuse to form the treatment team. Together, the team focuses on healing psychological struggles and addressing environmental factors that are contributing to the eating disorder. 

Out of respect for privacy and commitment to personalized care, our treatment program is limited to two to four families at once. The program allows and encourages patients and their families to continue daily life during recovery so that healing becomes resilient enough to endure life’s stressors.


Eating disorders are complex psychological illnesses. For many, healing from these complicated conditions requires a committed and compassionate care network. Families and trusted loved ones provide a vital source of love necessary for lasting recovery to take place. At Thrive Sacramento, we’ve found that individuals who immerse their families in recovery successfully achieve deep-rooted healing.


Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for adults (ages 18 and older) is a collaborative, community-driven approach to eating disorder treatment. Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians works closely with our patients to lay the bricks on their road to recovery, giving individuals a sense of sovereignty over their healing experience. 

Through a guided curriculum that caters to an individualized treatment plan, patients can develop a deeper understanding of their eating disorder and become empowered by psychoeducation. Therapy modalities such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT), and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) are integrated into the program as appropriate for each patient. Individual therapy, family therapy, and nutrition support services work together to break down barriers to recovery and identify tools and resources to overcome an eating disorder sustainably. 

Thrive’s IOP encourages connection and incorporates community support to foster resilience and healing. Individuals are encouraged to invite compassionate partners, family members, and friends to participate in their recovery process as having a strong support system can significantly promote their progress. Additionally, we offer opportunities for patients to come together in group therapy sessions designed to explore activities and develop skills that they can continue to experiment with at home. Such activities can include supported snacks, meal challenges, and more.

The Benefits of Our Treatment Approach for Adults

At Thrive, we wholeheartedly understand and appreciate that each patient is a unique individual who deserves devoted guidance on their journey to better well-being. We also know that having the support of family and friends is fundamental to healing. For many, it can also be helpful to connect with others who understand and are simultaneously striving for recovery. Our community-centered approach allows individuals to realize they are not alone and are surrounded by others who are invested in their recovery.


At Thrive Sacramento, we acknowledge that every individual’s family or intrinsic support system is unique. Family members, close friends, and other trusted caregivers are welcome to participate as appropriate to establish an effective care team essential to an individual’s eating disorder recovery.

A Place to Grow

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